About Us

Hi guys, just a recap of what we we’re about and what we aim to achieve, for those of you that remember Jetski World a few years ago will remember the place as a haven for jetskiers from all over.

We are now under new management and have worked a little magic to get the place back to a standard recognisable of the Chris and Terry era. Once again we have great facilities for showering and changing and also washing down your Jetski.

The dining area is also here for tea, coffee, snacks or full meals, so you don’t have to feel guilty riding in to the horizon and leaving your friends or family at the cafe, lol.

We are situated on what looks like our very own secluded sandy cove just East of Margate beach.

Our aim is to make this great place a once again mecca for Jetskiers from far and wide.

This site is currently under a makeover itself so please come back soon.

for more information please call us on 01843 231703